America’s Largest Display of Outdoor Chrysanthemums

Join South Mobile County this November at Bellingrath Gardens and Home

for the 54th Annual Fall Outdoor Cascading Chrysanthemums, the nation’s largest outdoor display of the signature blooms of the season.  Hundreds of colorful, four-foot long cascades of chrysanthemums are displayed on bridges and balconies, in baskets and containers through the Gardens. Guests can enjoy the columns of mums and thousands of mums in the flower beds in the fall colors of yellow, red, bronze, lavender and white. The Great Lawn’s dramatic border is a feast for the eyes.

To plan your visit, check the Mum Watch page, which will be updated daily, beginning November 1!

Bellingrath’s Horticulture Staff works nearly year-round on the cascading mums, which are meticulously cultivated in greenhouses from January through late spring. The cascades are created when three plants are potted into five-gallon containers and then placed onto growing racks during the summer months. The mums are sheared every few weeks throughout the growing season in order to create fuller plants.




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